3 weird things in French

In this post I will be teaching all my readers to say “It’s raining cat’s and dogs” in french. Don’t ask me to pronounce it as I am not French and it will end up as a catastrophe. Okay so here I go.”Il pleut des seaux d’eau”. Hmm. I was’t as bad as I thought.

Yes you were!

Why are you here?

Because I wanted to embarrass you over your French.

 Well you succeeded so I hope your happy. Next weird thing to say in French. I am going to say the French translation first and then the English. “quand les cochons volent!”. It means “when pigs fly!”. At least, according to Google Translate. My final weird thing to say is “Quand Les Poules Auront Des Dents”.  “When hens have teeth”. I find that an unlikely thing to ever happen.

You do know these are all idioms.

I know perfectly well. These French words may not help you with French conversation if you ever venture over to France, but if you want to be sarcastic, they are the way to go!