Project Mc2 Review

(Charlie’s review)

In this blog post I will share my devoted love for the tv show Mc2 (and review it). It is so cool! This is where my nerd side comes out. Yes, I admit, some of the storyline is very predictable, but it is fun watching a group of kids trying to be spies for Nov8. I also find that Nov8 is a very smart (ha ha) name. I wouldn’t have thought they would try so hard to make a tv show for kids, good! It is intriguing and suspenseful and actually rather good. I like it a lot better than Spy Kids. The only real downside to the show is that the seasons are really short. I have finished all the episodes within one day of TV! So in the end, seeing I am reviewing this show, I will give this show, an 8½ out of 10.

(CJ’s Review)

i think that Mc2 is really good!!!! Definitely worth watching!!(it’s only on Netflix though). I really enjoyed watching it and although the girls are really smart it’s not really like smart, smart (if you get what I mean). My favourite character is Mckeyla Mcallister  because she is really smart and really cool. I love the twist to all of the episodes and it always leaves you hanging. I give it a 9.