DIY pencil lipstick

IMG_0300.PNGWhat you need…

. A pencil with a rubber at the end

. A lipstick

. Baking paper

. Sticky tape

What to do…

Step 1.

Take out the rubber. Then, make a funnel out of baking paper and stick it down with tape

Step 2.

Put the lipstick in a bowl and melt it in the microwave. Feel free to add in different colours or glitter!!

Step 3.

Pour the lipstick down the funnel and wait 10-15 minutes. Then, take of the funnel and your done!! Cute, cool and could pass as a rubber.

P.s   Please note that you cannot do this with lip balm or lipgloss. It doesn’t melt.

P.p.s   And Charlie thinks I’m not good at DIYs!!