What to do when you get bored.

This post is pretty much a time filler. The name exactly explains how I am feeling right now. Most of the time when someone gets bored, they get even more bored by playing something like colour switch, which they quickly get tired of. In my case, that is not an option, as I have no digital games on the device I am using (if you exclude online chess and Google Pacman). So, if you are like me and you have no digital games at hand (and you really wouldn’t want to play them anyway) then I have some ideas for you. Why don’t you write? You can write a story, or a poem (especially if you like writing like I do!). I am writing a blog post to escape my boredom about ways you can escape your boredom. I fix two people in one! Also, why don’t you start some sort of fun DIY project? There must be some DIY on our website or podcasts that you have the materials for (or maybe it’s not that! Maybe you have been bored for so long you can’t convince yourself to do anything!). Though, often, I don’t feel like I can be bothered to do origami, or glue numerous things together, like buttons for the button bowl. And you need to be in the right kind of mood to do DIYs or it will put you off everything altogether! If you are one of those people who get bored sitting at their desks watching healthy eating videos on the board (for all those people who know what I’m talking about), then don’t end up like all the people in the books who flick rubber bands at people’s heads! Try and think of something more interesting than the current thing you are doing. It’s like climbing up the rungs of a ladder. Every time you go up one there’s one more above it. You think of something more interesting than the thing you last thought of and keep going, you will be occupied by thinking of interesting things, forever! It’s called daydreaming (though I don’t recommend it if you are watching a video for a test or something!).

I will conclude with one more thing for keeping you from falling asleep. Books. Never give up on them. They come in so many different forms! ibooks, if you’re on the go, audio books, if you can’t even be bothered moving your eyes, and the good old fashioned hard copies, which I personally favour the most. Both CJ and I have full bookcases at home, though I have learnt over the years that it is a bit of a waste of money to buy them when there is a  huge library just around the corner.

So I guess those are the ways I have brainstormed to escape boredom with and have escaped it myself in the process. Happy Holidays!