Tour of Europe…

Hello again readers! Did I mention I was touring around Europe? I have always dreamed about doing it, and now, I am! I am actually in France right now, and I am typing from a magnificent hotel close to the city centre. It is the best! But I will stop informing you of all the wonderful things here and making you jealous, and I will inform you of what I was actually writing this post for. Over the 6 weeks that I will be spending touring around Europe (I get to miss out on 3 weeks of school!!!) I will be blogging my journey. I will be going to places like Italy, the Greek Islands, Germany, and more mystery destinations…so this is your pilot speaking… fasten your seat belt and get ready for take-off! We are heading to Europe!

Oh, and  forgot to tell you, soon enough, we will be creating a holiday podcast where actual people call in from their holiday destinations…exciting, right!

From Charlie