Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

Today I will be doing a review on Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. If you haven’t heard of Monsters Inc, it is about monsters who use kids’ screams to power their city and two monsters who work out that it isn’t very nice, and try to stop the other monsters. Surprisingly, all the monsters lead a relatively normal life. They eat at restaurants, live in apartments and houses. There are just little details that make it a monster world like huge doors and small doors for the different sizes of monsters, and eyeball shakes and scorpion sushi! It was made as a movie for kids from the ages 7-10 (in my opinion) but I still enjoy watching the movie myself! It is inventive and I love how Mike Wazowski (I don’t know how to spell it) is so hysterical and desperate all the time. They are great characters and I think that the animation in the movie is fabulous.

Then they made an ingenious prequel. You would have just assumed that Mike Wazowski was always best friends with Sulley (the other main character), but it turns out, it was quite the opposite! I didn’t enjoy Monsters University as much as Monsters Inc, but I think they were both good movies and I would watch them both again. So next time you’re going to have your friends over for a movie night, remember these two movies! I rate them an 8.5/10!

From Charlie

P.s I realise that you can’t write decimals in a fraction…