Pokemon Go Review

(Charlie’s Review)

Please, if you are a passionate Pokemon Go player, don’t complain about our review, as this is coming from a person who has never actually played it before! I have observed it being played, seen ads, heard about Pokemon Go catastrophes, and had long discussions about it with CJ (who also hasn’t played it!). Now it is time to review it from the outside. Well, I think Pokemon Go has many pros which have been shown along the way, but it also has many cons. It is a very addictive game (the con) but makes kids exercise (pro) rather than sitting around all day. But you have to have location settings on (con) and that means people can track you. I am sure that all of you will have heard about the Pokemon Go robbery in the US. This happened because of location settings. A pro about Pokemon Go is also that you have to navigate around the city to find Pokemon. It is something to get your brains going. But a walk around Botanical Gardens is never the same if you have your head stuck in a digital device! I saw ten different groups of kids huddled around their phones as they walked around. They were missing the whole beauty of it! So now I have listed my reasons I am going to rate this game a 6½.

(CJ’s Review)

Pokemon Go.

I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. But i do think it’s addictive. But seriously the concept is you are finding things all around the city. Hats off to the person who has created it though. It was the best game in the world!! Anyway, I know nothing about Pokemon. But, I thought it was 😎. Like it’s very interactive and it makes you go out. At one point, I  actually wanted it, not because of the Pokemons but because you are finding things and it seems cool. I think that’s the reason some people have it. I also think it’s very dangerous, look at the people who have gotten run over!! Also, the app needs location settings!! For all you know, they could be tracking you!! Although, I have no proof. It is very addictive but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. So i’d give it a 5 1/2. Maybe I’d change my mind if I actually downloaded the game.