Starburst Gluestick

IMG_0314.JPGIn this DIY, we will be making an eatable glue stick!!

i don’t approve.

why are you here? And if you don’t approve, go away!

well, Einstein always said-

enough with Einstein always said!! Now go away!! Anyway, you need: 4-5 pieces of Starburst and a Gluestick. You-

A non-toxic Gluestick!!

That’s what I was going to say!! Anyway, you swirl the glustick right to the top and take off all the glue. You can clean it if you want to.

You then unwrap the starburst and press the gluestick down on the starburst. The starburst should then give way and look like what the glue looks like when it on the gluestick. Try to add d-

Charlie!! This is my post go away!!

Alright, then.

Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, try to add different colours. Repeat the step until the gluestick is full. Then, in class you can have a nibble when you are super hungry!!