School in the future

Okay, so I know you probably don’t want to even think about school right now but I have some interesting things I want to write about school in the future. I mean, it’s interesting! CJ thinks that we might have chips that give us intelligence planted into our brain, but I personally disagree. Having that would mean we would become a Cyborg. What is a Cyborg you ask? A cyborg is a human that is part robot. I am not sure that any of us would want to become that if we could help it. If I was guessing what school will be in the future, I would guess that there wouldn’t be any physical schools at all. By that I mean that I think schools will be internet based. It will be completely online learning programs. They could have artificial classrooms seen through VR glasses (virtual reality glasses)! Artificial intelligence could run the databases and have algorithms to solve questions that the students pose to their “teachers”. Google does it already. They have to solve unique questions searched on the web everyday! Imagine how much it would have progressed since the 1850s, when they merely had broken run down tents and tiny buildings for school. And what if the world had a shortage of people with an education? This could bring the world to come to the solution to get kids learning their times-tables and things they would learn in older grades when you were three! What if only the really rich people got to go to school on another planet!

I think you are going too far.

I do too. I think I will stick to my original idea of online learning, though I made some other good points (though wild ones!) too. So those are my thoughts on schools in the future. I will now leave you to think school-free as this article probably brought you back to those dreaded homophone lessons…