Book review: Spy camp

Today I will be giving you a book review. I apologise for the break between posts but we started back at school  and we have just been running out of time.It is holidays now, so we will be blogging more than ever.

Anyway, I will be reviewing the book Spy Camp. I am not sure if you have ever heard of it, but it is the sequel to Spy School (which I shamefully have never read). It is about a boy called Ben Ripley who is a junior spy. He thinks he is going home for the holidays but then he is told he has to go to Spy Camp, hence the name. He then gets a threat from the enemy organisation SPYDER and is forced to go into hiding. But SPYDER predicts his and his friends’ every move. He soon finds himself in a situation hard to get out of. Ben Ripley has a bit of a crush on one of the characters but it stays at that. It is extremely exciting and suspenseful, and frankly, a great read! It is a tad disgusting at times but the disgusting things never actually happen to any of the characters, so I’d say it is alright for readers of age 10+. I’d give it a 9 out of 10. So that’s all for today. I’ll write again soon!

From Charlie