Breakfast. Part four: the peanut butter

Okay. So peanut butter doesn’t taste bad but there are just some really annoying things that I have noticed about it.

No. 1   I like peanut butter quite a lot so I put a large amount of peanut butter on my toast, but you see, this makes me too full to eat peanut butter on my second piece of toast. This wouldn’t affect anybody who only has one piece of toast a day, but all those who are like me, do you share this same feeling of frustration?!!!

No. 2   School Rules. Yes I understand that people with peanut butter allergies should be protected but these rules, but seriously, once they get to a certain age, I have a feeling they would know whether they have an allergy or not and what they should or shouldn’t eat. Why should we be deprived of those heavenly peanut butter sandwiches because of allergy precautions?

No. 3   This really isn’t anyone’s problem but mine, but, peanut butter runs out too quickly! I use too much on my toast and it leaves hardly any peanut butter in the tub after a week!

So this is a case of liking something but not being able to eat it in some places and not having enough of it! I feel like Gnocchi tomorrow…